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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Thursday, September 30, 2010

19 , 20 , 21 and still pretty. :)

something struck my mind just now. 
why people like to think if married at young age, u're pregnant.? 
why is it like that? xfaham btol la ngn org mcm ni tao. bile fikir2 balik, i'm married at really young age. but i never regret it. :) 

ade elok and bad about being married at young age ni. the good thing is u can learn how to carry your husband's name. like for me, it's really a big thing. mostly, org kenal my husband's SIR name. and his family is very big and old people will know. sbb his family is SOLIANO. SOLIANO famous because my husband's grandfather was a musician. very famous among people yg suke jazz. seriously i don't know who soliano is.. hehehhe. coz i never like jazz. so what can i do? :D

second, like for me, i'm very lazy last time. masak pon xtao. n masak nasi pon tak reti. hahah! yeah. what kind of anak dara la like this kan? basuh baju pon tak reti. lipat baju ape tah lg. :D sume sumbat dlm almari tu. ehehe. bile da kawen terpakse la belaja sume tu. lucky i have kind mother in law. she willing to teach me all that. mase first2 terkial-kial gak la nk masak nasi. malu giler ok?! anak dara tak reti masak nasi! so ladies, sila2 la blaja masak nasi before nak kawen. :D

third, all the responsibility on u. like ur husband, the house, kitchen money, baju, makan, and everything la. all u have to think. ye la, we have the husband to share but most of it u have to think right? takkan makan and baju nak husband buat? and if ade anak lg la. tambah2 lg la responsibility. like kak ayu ckp, she never expect me can do it and make it when i'm only 20! and i'm had my first baby when i was 19. she said if dye, she dont think she can do it. coz dye my big sis best fren. so we very close. if my mom alive, she will proud of me.

fourth, u became a woman. but not likely.... coz i'm not a woman YET!. i just turn 21 people! i'm not that old. but i'm not so sure about the woman part. but  when u have a child u will know. :) how nice it feels when have a child. :) i still remember every moment when i'm giving birth that time. money cant buy that. if ade berbillion2 duet dlm bank pon cant buy that moment!

and lastly, being the lady in da house. yes. banyak benda have to handle. sometimes can make us snap nak marah. bende2 kecik pon bole nak mengamuk. lg2 if tak cukup tdo. and rumah sepah, dapur berminyak, baju bertingkat and u so damn tired to do all that. adooii. mmg parah. but eventually u have to do that also. no point nak marah2. and your baby crying want milk. hehehe. mmg messy but best. that the things u have to do bile u married. and u have to layan ur husband. :) 


Monday, September 27, 2010

is being married LAME?

yeah. i read someone FB just now. that person status was like very shocking. dye ckp " being married is only for LAME people and it's really LAME." 

is it? yela. i should not busybody but i know that person. dye ade sorg anak laki. and dye just ignore anak dye. very sad. i pity the son. he always ask mane parents dye? so sad for small boy. i dont blame the small boy coz he know nothing. but the parents? if u're not ready for so called COMMITMENT, dont make a baby. use protection my GOD! 

i know i tak ptt nak komen but i just pity the boy. that person really rude. ade scandal time still married. i just dont know what to say la. but i just really pity the boy. for me, if u tak nak commitment, jgn la bwk budak tu kt dunia ni. after he's here, just ignore him. 

i heard mak dye bile jln g mane2 tak nak pgg tgn anak dye. how like that? u're the mother. what's wrong hold ur son's hand? OMG, xsangka ade juga org mcm ni dlm dunia? i just pray and hope yg that boy wont do stupid things and will make it in life. and for the parents, dont blame ur son when u grow old he dont want to take care of u.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

fashionista. :D

Everybody line up
The show is about to start
Places, the show is about to start
You have to show a look, have a look, or give a look
Faces, beautiful
No one ugly allowed

Are you ready? Here we go

Fashion is the art, designers are the gods
Models play the part of angels in the dark
Which one of you would ever dare to go against
That beauty is a trade and everyone is paid

Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look? 

New York, London, Paris, Milan
Tokyo, I think it's in Japan
Asia, Malaysia, Las Vegas to play
LA, if you pay my way

Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?

(Who you wearing?)
Sean John, Calvin Klein
Donna Karan's fashion line
Valentino, YSL
Ferragamo and Chanel
Holsten, Gucci, Figla, Rucci
Don't forget my Pucci
Fendi and Armani
God, I miss Gianni
Kenneth Cole, Michael Korrs
Mr. Ford I can't afford
D&G and BCBG
Looking good is never easy
Alexander Perkovich
Naomi Campbell such a bitch
I wanna be Delgada 
To fit into my Prada
Oscar de la Renta
Louis Vuitton
Imitation of Christ, beauty has a price

Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?
Fashionista, how do you look?

What are you wearing?

dream wedding.

yeah. evryone have their dream wedding. well, so do i. 
i really like the theme black. well, me and my husband love black. we never had our receptions coz we don't want to that time. :D we just want to do simple wedd. ;) but u know, evry girl must have their own dreams. so this is my dreams. 

here really nice place to do a wedding. the beach!

i would love to use this dress!! i will look sexy! hahha

our wedding ring. :) i love diamonds.

and the wedding ring. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

mother's love

i read one of my friend's blog. it's about her mom. :)
well i'm happy for her. my mom passed away when i was 17. i still remember that time.
i was in high school. struggling to study sbb time tu nak spm. my mom saket quite a while. so da biase in out the hospital. but 2 months before my mom passed away her condition very critical. she losing weight and her hair falling. she was very healthy before. she really a great mom. we sisters can tell her anything including about boys. yes. she was that sporting. :)

i still remember her last day. before she passed away. she was in the hospital. i was there to company her. she's very week that time. barely can move. she need the oxygen. i was there studying. still ingat lagi. tgh study ekonomi asas. coz i have paper another few weeks i think. we talked about what i want to do after this. i told her nak jd designer. she said go for it. i know u can make it. and from then i always keep in my mind i want to be a designer one day. 

so until now i still want to make my dream come true. after that night, my mom keep saying she wants to go home. the next day my dad and my sisters was there. my mom ckp nak balik, if nak pergi pon nk kat rumah. i started crying inside. i knew it it's her time. my uncle came all the way from penang. but my mom insist want to go home. the doc said it's her time, so just buat apa dya nak. so we ready things for her to come home. oh ya. we staying kat gombak that time. so when she about to be pushed atas katil tu, all the nurse kat that floor cried. they said my mom very nice lady. i just smile. :)

so when we reached home with the ambulance, i prepared her bed and all. dye kena pakai the oxygen tank sume. it's so sad to see your mom like that. it's really crush your heart. knowing that someone you love going to leave u forever. my aunty and uncle sume da ade kat rumah. all crying. mak cik ros ask us to sit around my mom. just bace doa and bisik kat telinga mak. my dad like losing his mind. pity him though. so tepat 6.28 pm, my mom leave us. my heart was like came out from my body and fall on the floor and broke into million pieces. can u imagine that someone u love and care about just leave u forever? 

i was really crush and sad. i look at my dad, he's crying. first time i saw him crying. and my big sister like really lost. coz she really close to my mom. and my lil sis, she didn't cry. but her face are red. i know she keeping it. and i knw she cry inside. my lil sis really manje. especially with my mom. if nak ikotkan, all of us really close with my mom. sbb we only have mak to tell evrything. we cant tell my dad right?

and yeah. that a lil bit bout my mom passed away. she really great mom. i really miss her. she know what to do when we sick, when we feeling down or when we need someone to talk to. menyesal dulu tak penah nk blaja ape2 dari dye. but ape2 pon, i will miss her and love her forever. and i will teach ryo that his nenek is very nice lady. :)

  my mom,
rosemlialh hamdan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

tower records

tower records. :)

gave me lot's of memories. kat sini la tempat i met my husband. the best place ever! and very family! i worked here bile my dad ask me to find job and kumpul duet for college. =,=
i went here with bugs n my ex* ( xnk ingt ) to apply job. first thing i say is AKMAL sbb dye botak. ;D
then i saw PUSHEN the person in charge that time. :p yg lain2, tak perasan coz that time berpunye. huhuhu. so PUSHEN bg la borang nk fill in and all. so isi la. after ask few question i go home.

da la time tu hp rosak! skrin tak bole tgk spe call. =,= ( sbb so clumsy )
but one day tu bile nk tdo tergerak ati nk on hp. sape nak call, call la. just angkat je nanti. so pagi2 hari sabtu rasenye, kul 9 pg ok? someone call. so i just picked up la. suddenly org tu ckp from TOWER RECORDS! i was like yeah. ( da la tgh mamai ) pastu dye tny " can u start work on thursday?"
 i was like " YES! "  hahahhaha!!

so i start la keje on thursday. :D nervous giler kot! so bile smpai kedai tak buka lg. semangat datang awl kot. :) 
then tggu la. tibe2 ade one tower records staff came there. i was like ehh?
kat mane nak masok? pastu that stuff kuwa balik and open the front pny pintu. so i tell him la i'm new staff then dye bawak la masok ofis. time tu jmpe BEE, supervisor that time. 

then tak ingt sgt. pastu GREG dtg keje. :D 
he so HOT!! i was like melting da. =,= hehehhe. then he came to me bwk uniform. i look at the uniform cm kecik n it's YELLOW! n he pgg uniform tu and look at my boobs! i was like err? 
he ask me ok x?! i said, " xde size besar ckt? " he was like ok, jap eh.
then he bwk another uniform black and besar ckt. dlm hati i was like THANK GOD! hahahahha!!

after that la mule2 kenal ngn all the staff. but greg la yg tny about my family. :) and after 2 weeks keje sne we together. but byk lg story but too long. :)

yeah. we had this in our shop. :D


tower records. :D

the last picture after tower records KLCC close. 
they are the best!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


yes. talking about fashion. bile pikir2 balik mmg kecik ati gak.
sbb dulu stop college half way je sbb aya tak nak byr kan college. i see all my frens grad from college and some of them in paris or milan. since small i love fashion. my mom always support me in this. but my dad. it's different. he got married and i have to put myself in fashion college. with the money my late mom left, i pay for my college. my dad didn't give me anything. for 6 months i'm in college i pay evrything myself. but my dad promise me to pay for me. it's sad.

i guess tak de rezeki. dye lebihkan wife dye. what can i do? 
i'm just his daughter. his new wife more important. but bile i see my frens update pictures or tell me bout fashion shows, i feel like someone stab me straight in my heart. coz that is what i want since small. it's just crush just like that. i joined college November 2007, and i have to drop college April 2008. and on 20th April 2008 is my first ever fashion show! 
where am i? HOSPITAL.

yea. kena chicken pox that time. i dont know how i get it but that time nisa ( my dad's wife daughter) yg kne dulu. how do u feel when ur first fashion show u cant be there? and when i came back to college my principal ask me to pay RM1.5k. where to find the money? i ask my dad to pay but he gave me lots of excuse. oh ya, he married to my stepmom that time. so of coz la my stepmom said for what want to pay Rm1.5k for me? fashion can't bring u anywhere. i was really sad and disappointed. 

after i drop from college my dad promise me to send me to other college yg bole amek study loan. i search on the net got 2 college yg dkt ngn my hse. one is RAFFLES  and the other one is MIA. we went to both college. but if nk amek loan have to pay depo like RM2.5k. i was like begging my dad but he said to expensive la and this la. i just quite. but he promised me. at home i was crying and crying. so one day he said why not i look for a job to put myself in college. 

and yes i did find a job. i got a job kat TOWER RECORDS. i thought bole kumpul duet but berape sangat my gaji that time. but anyway, until now my passion to fashion never go away. if ade rezeki, i will continue my dream. 
my dream only want to be a fashion designer.
is that so hard?

here is very nice gown.


i dont know who's one is this.
but i bet this person is lucky.

yeah. my dream.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tyra banks.

she's my role model! :D


diamond rings.

tibe2 terase nk check out diamond rings design. it's really beautiful. :)
though i'm not a fan of diamond rings but i'm a woman. :)
no harm to check out diamond rings right? 
though i never ask my husband to buy me one. coz for me, enough with his LOVE. <3

black diamond ring. 
i love the design. :)
pink diamond ring.
it's kind of big for me but i think it's should be alright.
( mcm nak beli je. =,= )

black diamond with pearl.
it's very classy. i like it. :)

one pink diamond ring. 
its' cute and simple. :)

well, here the design that i like. :)
if the diamond ring cost me like rm10, i will buy like 100 of them! hahahahha


yes that is me :)
just like ryo mecca. :)
like mother like son. 
( i always wondering why on SON don't have 'THER' at the end? )
my latest picture. :) 
i want to rebond my hair and color it again. :D
and yes im obsessed with hair color. 

mind the boobs. :)
but i do like my make up.
and i love my hair if curly. :)

yet this is my fav.
i'm using the earings that erin gave to me for xmas
last year. ( i think )

and there is my baby. :)
we both love to take picture!
we like cam whore!  ( mind my language. )

old picture but yet i look nice. :)
i'm using my butterfly necklace. 

and this raya time.
cannot see ryo mecca full face. hehehe.
coz mummy taking picture. :D 
sorry syg. :)
i just love camera and i don't know y.
same goes to ryo. :)
i guess he get it from me. :D
but it's ok. 
he will be a good model.
i will pray for him. :)

here she comes.

 go to this blog. :D

there. u can see there. :)

u can listen the song there. :)

the web is :

Monday, September 20, 2010

i want to own this.

ryo tgh tdo. so just sje la survey2 hp. tangan mmg gatal kan? :) i'm just wondering which hp is better and cool. :D hahah! my fav hp is NOKIA 5800, E63, SONY ERRICSON W595. 
hp ni mmg superb! if i can design hp i will gabung all the ciri yg best kt 3 hp ni in 1! hahahha!
nak dijadikan cerita, always tgk at FB byk juge my friends use BB. so nak rase juga. mcm best je. so survey la BB t google. looks like BB is really nice hp. they said it's for business usually. well, i'm doin my business now. so why not i try using it? but tu la kan. skrg xmampu. :) 
so kite tgk aje ok?
mmg lawa and menarik design dye. i'm lovin it! <3 <3

the time when ryo smile. :)

when my baby smile :)

to my special one. :)

my baby ryo mecca,

i really love u so much. no one can ever replace u in my life. u just don't know how much mummy and daddy love u. :)

my ladies

my ladies.
these are my friends.
they really supportive and very nice!
i love u all. :D 
i love u all. <3


i dont know nothing much bout australia but i fall in love with it. :)

i dont know where is this but i think it's beautiful. :)

i hope hajar will bring me go here. we can go jalan2. :)

my diamond

when people say, "diamond is woman's best friend." im not so sure about it. coz here i have my own diamond. my precious diamond. sape bole sangka yg myself, farah azrina zainuddin can be a mother when im 20 years old. i was wild (i dont think im that wild) before. i'm so into my fashion and boys. but i know all that was nothing. semua tu just a game. and all that tak jamin happiness in life. yeah i was young and want to try. but i knw i'm so obsessed with fashion. but bcoz of my dad dont want to pay for my studies i have to quit. find my own money to put myself in fashion college. 

but i thank to GOD. he gave me someone that really care and willing to look after me. :) 
he gave me him. :)

after one year we be husband and wife GOD gave us one precious DIAMOND. 
yes we have nothing. we dont have any house. selalunye if org nak kawen mst at least ade rumah or kete. but us? NOThinG. but we do have our LOVE. we have each other. when the first time i know i was pregnant i'm so happy. i can imagine how his face look like. 

sape bole sangka that i have womb problem can get pregnant. but i'm so happy. after 9 months i carry him he came into this world on 24th august. :) 
over a year i had my son RYO MECCA SOLIANO. we're so happy together. 

this is my diamond. :)

"a mother most precious moment in the world when she gave birth to her child."
*arwah mak pesan* 

rude people

some people or i can say is teenagers. mmg rude. da la dgn mak dorg pon very kurg ajar. mmg pantang tol ngn org cm ni. i dont knw what to say but some people mmg tak sedar diri. after what we did for them. mak dye pnt2 pegi keje and all but all they do is online all f****ing day and boss around! bile mintak tolong malas and xde masa. if online tak malas pulak. yeah mayb i'm like that last time but they really f****ing annoying! if spe2 terase tu nasib la ye. sbb mmg perangai cm ni xbole nk ubah. mak dye pny la baik and rajin.

it's just pissed me off! bile minta tolong malas la. xde mase la. malas nk pk la. cm b***i lak! hish! if nk cerita psl dye mmg smpai besok pon xabes! just pray that they change la. kesian mak dye. work so hard but dpt anak mcm tu. ptt buat la mak bangga but ni tak. buat mak marah all the time. if kwn or bf call or ckp pny la lembut suare. if ngn mak tinggi2 je suare tu. sbb i'm a mother now. so i knw how it feels. betol la ape arwah mak ckp, "nnt if korg ade anak baru korg tao rase bile anak melawan ckp mak". smpai bile2 i will rmmber that.

some people are just lucky

yeah. i envy them. it's not i'm not thankful for what i have tp tu la kan. manusia.. tak lari dr jealousy and all. i'm just envy to those people yg life easy. evrything parents bg. like for me, my parents? my mom died 4 years ago. my dad remarried. so me n my sisters put ourself in very hard situation. actually not hard but we ngade2 nak letak diri sndiri dlm situation like that. but im LUCKY to have my husband. my big sis got her husband. and my young sis pity her. what to do. yes she's my sister but im married. back to my topic. evryday in Fb i saw few my frens upload photo kt overseas. truly i envy them. since small i dream want to go overseas. but tak kesampaian.pegi genting pon tak penah. =,=
so funny! i'm 21 years old and live in malaysia never been to genting. hahah!

but i promise myself to do well now. coz i want to go overseas. if ade rezeki mayb own a house there. :) bkn tak suke kt malaysia but i want to do better. :) i told arwah mak last time i will own a house overseas one day. and i will go to paris. if can, i want to send ryo to a good school there. bukan tak de skola bagus kt cni just nak try bg ryo exposure. i want him to be good in school. and i know he will. he will make me and my husband proud! me n my husband always want the best for him. coz he's our DIAMOND. nothing can replace him. even rm1,000,000.

insyallah, i can go to work and kumpul duet. my husband focus on his music and we both cukup duet and will put ourselve in a plane go to somewhere nice and homey. :) pray for us. <3 <3

 one day i will sit in this branch with ryo n my husband. :)

ladies that make guys crazy over them.

there's a lot of girls or ladies out there that men are crazy over them. some of it naturally but some of it NOT.mayb kite sume tak perasan but is there. i'm saying this it's not bcoz im jealous or anything but hey guess what? this is my notes? :D so, continue. i saw evryday kat fb ni all type of girls. yg very pretty, yg emo, yg slambe, yg sempoi, yg rocker. mcm2. but only one type that i cannot stand. sorry ye girls if terase. but im just saying. and one more type is yg emo. haih. i knw u guys have really good looking bf or smthng but no need to show of honey. because evryone else also have their man. but sometime we knw u want to express ur feeling to him but not too much la. too much bole buat org nynpah. but who am i to say? sorry ya. and one thing bout out there. if the girl is tall, slim flat tummy, flawless skin, nice long hair, all men will focus on them. mayb girls yg plus size, medium size, not so pretty and slim diabaikan? hurm. byk kes like that. because i knw these type of girls mst nak with good looking guy. but all the good looking guy da diambil oleh girls yg VERY PRETTY. kan? i just wanna say bout some one i knw. it's not bout pretty or what but about jealousy.

dye ade bf mse high school. they met mse high school in same school la. but this girl cpt sgt jealous. so her bf mst la btk kwn kan? kwn perempuan n guys. so he have this one girl best fren. he always hang out with them la sbb da kate one gang kan? mst la hangout together sbb nnt org ckp sombong. so nk pendekkan cerita, my fren ni jealous yg bf dye slalu hang out ngn kwn2 dye. kwn mamat ni name dye A la. A ni ade bf. but kwn i ni bengang la sbb bf dye asyk hangout ngn A n bf A n kwn2 yg lain. kwn i ni D name dye. bf dye Z. so pendekkn lg cite, satu ari, A n adik n kwn baik dye (girl) nak balik naek bas. so Z ni pon nak balik but D got something to do after school, jadi Z pon jln la ngn A n gang dye. tetibeD lak tak jd stayback. dye nak balik. tgh2 jln tu D nmpk bf dye ln ngn A. dye bengang. pastu esknye dye bgtao bf A yg dye curang. ptt ke? padahal jln ramai2. ade laki n pmpuan. bkn jln berdue? haih. sungguh tak paham. if spe2 terase tu maaf la ye.


yes. title di atas mmg jelaskan segala nye. i hate hippocrits! coz they really annoying and annoying. if someone ust hate u so beat it. back off. jgn nk sibuk-sibuk bajet lawa n hot dpn org. i'm writing this just for notes. if sape2 terase nasib la ye. sbb dulu mulut hang tak reti nak dyam kn? now rase kan la. and lg satu, cukup-cukup la kacau laki org. byk lagi laki kt dlm dunia ni. and jgn ko perasan lawa sgt ok? yes i'm not that pretty but i never disturb other people husband. sbb itu da meruntuhkan masjid. and juz bcoz i didnt come to school for 2 bloody months kate aku pregnent? bodo ape? if aku pregnent perot mst bole nmpk kan? padahal time tu aku kt hosp jaga my mom who is dying that time. but nevermind. i dont gve a damn. u are nothing. and lg satu ye, if u married someone husband also, please la. jage tatasusila anda. yes u mayb younger than him mayb 20 or 30 years old but tu tak bermakne bole mengade2. yes u can be loving but berpada2 ok? org lain pon bercinta gak. and dont think u so smart n yes im not that smart! bile dpn laki pny la baik. bile blakang laki perangai kalah beruang yg baru pas makan. and again yes im not that rajin! but still. and bole tak gn obses sgt nak jd putih?! for GOD sake! Allah swt da bg kulit cm tu just bare with it! bersyukur jek. kalu putih mane pon if perangai cm hantu same gak. haih. sorry la ye kengkawan if tersalah bahase or ayat. yela. skrg ni bulan pose. nak raya. kena mintak maaf antara satu same lain. so mintak maaf byk2 la ye. ni just luahan isi hati. mintak maaf la ye if ade yg terase. tak bermaksud nk sakitkn hati.