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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my honey boney. :D

being a housewife not much u can do. :D
all ur life only ur son and ur husband. so that's what i do. heheh 
i only have them both. :) 
love them to guts! but im so proud of my son. 
cannot imagine that he came out from me. and now he so big and smart. ;)
and now he can talk and scold people and whacked people also. 
and here he is. :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

black or colored?

here my hair black and straight.

and here my hair is colored and curl.

here my hair is curl and black

and here my hair is straight and colored.                                      

which one is better?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

he make my day. :)

bile da ade baby, ape dye buat pon we will love him. 
ryo mecca really make my day. 
dye la jantung pengarang hati. :)
yela, if tgh sedih or feeling down, ngn ryo je la bole main2. who else kt uma ni?
yeah. he make me smile and make me angry also. but no matter what i still love him. 
what a mother could ask for? a beautiful son. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

my gay friend

yeah. one of my gay friend told me that. 
how should i response? 

she said my husband is damn hot and good looking. he really can make any lesbian or gay be straight again. :D
is that a compliment or something else?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

menu of the day.

menu of the day is chilli crab. but not exactly menu of the day coz da masak ni few days back. :D
thanks to jihan coz give me the resepi. :D 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

what if .....

what if people tell u :

- YOU F**K!
so these are the line people will say to u. 
how u will respond?

cannot imagine.

i think back about goin to work and all. if pegi keje i have to send ryo to baby sitter. 
and i dont know how the baby sitter will take care of my son. maybe their style is dffrnt. 
and skrg pulak byk kes baby tersedak la ape la. im so scared but the same time im stress. 
im stress coz many things we have to do. but i just dunno what to do. 
money can find but not ur son. duet bole cari kan? but if anak hilang ape gune duet byk2?
if anything happen to ryo i dunno what gonna happen to me. i think i can go crazy. sbb it gonna be my fault. 
but just hope and pray nothing gonna happen to my son. i love him more than anything.

macam mane nak putus susu badan?

ade org bg tips :
- letak asam jawa kat puting.
- letak garam kat puting.
- letak bawang putih kt puting.
- letak colgate kat puting. 

mane satu yg nk ikot? :/
but nak putus susu badan sbb ryo da besar sgt. hurm.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


talking about KERJA, i'm not goin to work dlm masa terdekat ni. disbb kan anak kesygan mummy ni. :)
yes ryo mecca. i'm supposed to start work next month. and we found baby sitter for him and all. da ready da sume nk g interview. im thinking if keje nnt bole la beli brg utk dye and bring him go holiday. but no. he dont want. still nak nyonyot. tak nak lepas. =,=
the story is like this. yg xjd kerja ni. that day me n greg talking about work and all. greg pon nk cri kerja lain. so we decide i go and work office n send ryo to baby sitter. biar dye blaja make friends and independent. sbb smpai bile nk kepit with mummy? and he's a boy somemore. shame shame lah. :D

so bile da decide im goin to work ryo start buat perangai. tak nak lepas and nak dukung aje. bile mlm lak bile bgn trus nak dukung. takot sgt i will go away. pastu bile bgn tgh2 mlm cri mummy or daddy dye. if tak de nangis. 

so manje tao. then ryo been like that almost smggu. kiteorg tak tahan sbb tak cukup tdo. very tired if tdo kejap2. somemore greg kne keje. very very tired but tak pe la. da anak kan? ape2 pon sanggup buat. so greg told me, ckp kt ryo yg u not goin to work. u just gonna stay home and jage him. so i told ryo la that im not goin to work. and surprisingly, ryo trus tdo lena mlm tu! tak bgn pon n susu ke ape. haiyooooo. very smart!
so the moral of the story is i cant go to work. :D

ryo, u cant sleep and drive!

we went to jaya jusco setiawangsa just now. saje jalan2 sbb today is greg's off day. we saje nak try restoran kat sne. we went to madam's lim. nice also and cheap. so kat kt JJ tu ade troli yg ade kereta utk kids. so cute. so we take one for ryo. sbb mmg tak larat nak dukung. and stroller pon xde kat ctu.. so ok la.. we take sbb nak jalan2 kt JJ tu. bile ryo naik he so happy. sbb dye bole bawak kereta.. heheh

see. he so happy. :D 

then after a while tgh jalan2 tgk barang kat dlm jusco greg nmpk ryo tgh sandar kt pintu kereta tu. rupe2nye tgh tdo! hahaha. tak sempat nak snap but really funny. 

when ryo sleep.

i just love to see my baby sleep. 
he look so calm and really make me feel calm also. :D
sape yang tak sayang anak? :D
if da name anak, ape dye buat pon kite akn suke and syg. :) 


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


yes. saya tersgt la lapar. tak tao kenape but really hungry. like tahap gaban pny hungry. =,=
 i feel like eating TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER! hahahh. if makan tu confirm tak payah makan seminggu. :D
talking about food. i still remember mase kat langkawi. me and my family went to langkawi for holiday. time tu my mom just passed away. so my dad just brng us for holiday coz how long we never go for a holiday. we holiday kat malaysia aje. :D and i never been out from KUALA LMPUR except sesetgh tmpt. even GENTING pon xpenah pegi. hehe. :D
so long story short, the second last day we at langkawi we stay in one hotel. ( lupe ape name dye )
then we went down for bfast. and bfast hotel tu mmg SUPERB!! hahah! mcm2 ade. and sambul tgh tg2 nk mkn ape i saw my FAV FOOD!! THE SPAGHETTI! hahahha. can u imagine spaghetti for bfast? ade la makanan lan such as nasi lemak, roti jala n some american bfast and i cant rmmber. but mmg banyak giler ok? and org pon xramai sgt time tu. coz its not pick season. 

and then ape lagi dgn lahapnye i took spaghetti like A LOT!. mcm xpenah mkn utk setahun! haha. btol2 pelahap giler. and got extra cheese!! so after abes, i go refill my plate again. and refill, and refill. i think like 4 times i refill. hehehe. :D 
then tersandar kenyang. my sister like tak nak makan bnde lain ke? i was like NO! nasi lemak mane2 bole dpt but really good spaghetti very hard to find ok? hahah! after tersandar kekenyangan, suddenly i BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP!

and it's freaking LOUD!! hahahha!! sume yg kat cafe tu was like " what the hell? " 
then my face turn red sbb malu giler!! hahaha. 
my sister and my dad was like " SITI! " ahahhahaa and i cant stop laughing!! adik i like gelak smpai tak bole nak mkn! hehehe. btol2 tak senonoh. when think back really funny. hehehe. until now when i eat spaghetti, i will laugh. 
imagine eating this for bfast!! and extra cheese!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010



<3 JIHAN HALIM ( currently in paris )
<3 SITI HAJAR ( she came back from aussy! )

here is my divas from college. :D
love them. <3 <3

i really miss u girls, my divas.
jihan halim
starz bugs

julian jansen goh

anis syazwani
  siti hajar. ok dye bkn kwn kolej but she is my diva. :D