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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Thursday, December 23, 2010

ryo mecca soliano


was born on 24th AUGUST 2009.
pass few days so busy. coz went out and all. jarang ade kat rumah. today just relax at home. and its xmas eve. ryo is sleeping. i was looking at him sleeping. he so big now. he know what he want and don't want. he is so smart. dulu, mase baru lahir all he know is cry coz want to drink milk and sleep. but now, want to eat rice, want to play, want that and this. i miss when he so tiny and cute! :)

it's not dye tak cute now. but now so big. nak hug pon marah. coz he's the only baby here. so all attention on him. especially with the grandparents. :) yela. first grandson kan. hurm. but tu la. when think back about it, ryo da spoiled. =,=
but however i love him. how naughty he is or how temper he is i still love him. it's mother thing. all mom want the best for their child. but im not gonna spoiled him soo much. coz when he grow up, very hard for him to survive. but all i need to do about his temper is to teach him how to control it. if not susah nanti dah besar. and i dont want my son to be so rude. 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

he will be mine. :)

in 3 more days he will be mine! hahahhahahha! not like mean thing. but my hubby will off for 5 days! hahahah! at last! we can lepak and watch dvd together. ;P
coz all these while he work and work and work and no off. if off day only 1 or 2 days. thats it. =,=
me n ryo miss him so much!!


me and ryo. :)

as u all know. i'm a full house wife / business woman. :) ( business woman sgt la kan? ) hahahha
so most of the time i'm at home with my lappy. seriously need to buy my own! coz currently im using my lil sis lappy. so yeah.. i need one for my own. ok back to the story. yela. most of the time i'm at home with my baby. so ape lg yg bole buat? tgk tv, makan, watch dvd, take picture. :P 
oh ya. and ryi will play with his cars. so i will be with the lappy. hahahha. thats all la we do whole day. so here some of the things we do. :)

 ryo sleeping after play the whole day. :)

 this is what i do when ryo sleeping. :)

 he playing with the toilet door. =,=

 watching bruno mars video on my hp.

 us being notty. :)

 oh ya. my face doesnt look so good in here. :P

 and he look so funny! hahahah
so this is some things we do when we got nothing to do. :P 


Monday, December 20, 2010

pak cik!

i want to tell u all bout one of my bestie. but bukan perempuan la. it's a guy. :) coz for me, i more close to guy then girls. coz i think girls banyak sgt drama and tikam belakang. =,= 
so i more close to my guy fren. but now kurang cikit. sbb yela. im married and all. :) but nevermind. i still frens with them. but this one fren of mine suke sgt bahan i! 
but he really good fren. :) we knw each other pon quite a while. i think almost 3 years ye pak cik? 
hahahh! he like to call me mak cik! i dont knw y. and suke bahan i gmok. tu pon i dont knw y! as if dye tak gmok la pulak kan? =,= 

if u guys want to knw my fren yg suke bahan org, ni la dye. fb aje. =,=

name dye hafiz. :) hahahah
nasib la u pak cik i promote psl u! hahahahhaha


Saturday, December 18, 2010

i'm addicted.

im addicted to nail polish. dont know why but i like it. =,= 
especially from elianto. i have tons of their nail polish. haih. how to make me not addict to it? 

so no more talking. i will show u. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pissed! STUPID!

yes i am.. tak penah lg aku jmpe org yg main2 ngn duet org cm ape je. ingt org cap duet ke? dorg tak pe la byk duet. yg if org tgh nk pkai duet ni mcm mne? bodo! 

otak letak kt lutut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
OMG!!!! im so pissed smpai tak bole nk tulis!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

which part that they dont understand?

which part that they dont understand it? 
i post everyday i love my husband and my son. all my picture about me n my son. my status i put married. so tell me people which part? so tired everytime on some one will IM me and ask if da mkn, hey, buat ape, sombong la u, u lawa tao, n etc...
bile tak lyn ckp sombong n post kt wall. bile da ckp im married, dorg nak complain npe kawen awl, mude je dpt baby n etc.... i had this prob almost a year already. so i dont think i have to tell people evrytime dorg tny kn? especially guys.. always add me when i change my pic. and it's really annoying. cant u see that pic is with my son? 

haihhhh..... *sigh*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

role model

yesterday i was talking to my fren about 21 is the key to freedom. i told her that everyone had their key to freedom when they turn 21.. but too bad not for me.... :)

then she told me " no fara, u so wrong. eventually u will have ur freedom when ryo is big. "
and i was like " i hope so. :) "
and she replied me "  Surely can dear.. At that moment a lotz off us will b jealous of will happen trust me.. Cz we will busy wth kids!!! :P and u are a datin alrdy... "
i was like ok.. hehhehehe.. but come to think about it its true..
coz now all my frens having fun and go out with frens and all. and i have to stay home and very hard for me to go out. but nevermind. i sacrifice everything now. soon, it's my turn.

when i'm 30 ryo will be 10 years old. so he will be in school. by that time i will be working i guess. and i have all the time in the world to spend with my husband. :) i no need to worry have a small baby or anything. i knw ryo can take care of him self. :) unless i have another baby in 5 years. :P
that one is different story. :P hehehhehe

by that time i think most of my frens will get married and have kids. and its their turn to stay home and take care of the baby. :) no hard feelings but it's true. right? :P as i told u earlier, my fren said that im her role model to stay fit. im really glad to hear that. really i am. i'm nobody when in school. and in college. but after that, i am somebody. i am proud of myself. and i really thankful have a husband like mine. and my son baby ryo. ;)


green or blue?

green or blue eye? 

coz since last time i love colored eyes! :) but which one is better for me?? any suggestion?

Friday, December 10, 2010

bruno mars vs justin bieber

yes. it's really weird and embarrassing. on tuesday i think. i dream about BRUNO MARS n JUSTIN BIEBER.
=,= i think i watch bruno mars video too much la. coz evertyme on fb must watch his video, "grenande" tu.. mcm da addicted. OH MY..... help me. i think i fall in love with him! -,-"
and psl justin bieber lak. im not a fan of him. coz for me he just a kid with girl's voice. and i hate that BABY SONG! its so annoying! rse mcm nk baling batu je kt sape2 nyanyo lagu tu. really hate it! so mayb bcoz of that. i hate him sooooo much smpai bole masok mimpi? haih..
here the story of my dream......

i was BM ( bruno ) gf.. i got back from somewhere. ( tak ingt from where ) and i found him cheated on me wit another girl. and i was shouting at him and all. im so pissed off and suddenly JB ( justin ) pull my hand and kissed me? im so blushing right now. =,= i was like WTF? if BM yg kiss xpe gak coz im in love with him also kan? ni JB?? oh GOD.... then i was like oh! after that i heard BM called my name.
how the hell he know my name? then i woke up! i look around if greg is there. usually macam tu what.. someone call ur name but masok dlm mimpi. but greg was not there. and after that i laugh! hahahha!

coz its so damn funny! hahhahaha!! until now the dream fresh in my mind. oh ya.. in that dream, i was JB lead dancer. hahahhaha!! so funny.. haiyooo.. am i losing my mind?????

Friday, December 3, 2010

better then bieber!

when i browsing youtube, terjumpe la video ni. this lady cover utk lagu bruno mars and its my fav song. i watch it and her voice! damn!!!! better then bieber... since bieber pon jmpe kt youtube kan? why not this woman buat album.. her voice giler gempak!

watch this.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 years.

it's been two years we been in love. :)
actually it's been 2 years we got married. nothing much to say. 
we happy with our life. so many thing happen but we still move on. we still hang on each other. we still love each other and be there for each other. no matter what happen. 
we started as a friend, then we became lover and the end we became husband and wife. 
many people comments and critics about us being married because i'm too young and he's convert. but we don't care. we love each other and dont care what people want to say. one year after that we had our angel. :) our most precious baby. 
now, our life is complete. :)

happy anniversary baby. i love you. :)