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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i'm just tired of it.

im so tired and sick of it. i worked my ass out for nothing. 
i'm just speechless. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i miss my baby.

i start working already as u guys know. 


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ryo is sick. :(

yesterday ryo got high fever. his body temperature is like 39.. 
i'm so worried. but im so tired yesterday to go out. 
but sbb anak, sanggup la sekang mate.
just like i said, for ryo, i'll push my self to the max. coz he's the only baby i have. he's my sweetheart and my baby. 
coz all these while im with him 24 7. i think he miss me. coz he never see me the whole day.
kat tempat keje all i think is him. nothing else. i miss him so much.
every time i call my sister, i heard his voice. "akuchu akutu! "
he always said that! :D how cute he is. :) 
he so smart now. the doctor said mayb he fever bcoz nak ckap. sbb budak2 if nk cakap ke, jalan ke mst demam. so that's what parenting is. 
i tell myself, no matter what happen i will be there for ryo. i work partly bcoz of him. frankly speaking i love to stay home and be with my son. but i need to earn for him as well. i want to give the best for him. coz he's everything to me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


since u all yg really know me, i LOVEEEEEEEE COACH BAGS. :) 
but of course tak mampu la kan. 1 beg its like few thousand! pengsan!
hahah! since i'm working i really need a new beg. :( 
but i have to wait for my gaji end of the month. hurm. have to wait la. :(


as u all know i hardly update my blog. coz im too busy with my Fb and business. :)
and now da start keje pulak. after 1 year 6 months i'm waiting to work at last! hahah!
the good news is i got my old job at murphy oil. i've been aiming that job for so long! 
rezeki Allah nak bg. :) 
gaji pon not bad. so i prefer there. ryo pon my lil sis will jage. he close to my lil sis also. so it should not be a prob. he'll be fine. last week da start keje pon he ok la. but have to buy something for him pulak. hehehe. he like the hot wheels car! mahal ok? 1 kete je rm6.90. =,= 
every time rm6.90 koyak la poket mummy ryo mecca. :P 
since i have to go back to work, i have to buy things for work as well. so shopping la ari tu with my husband! after how long we never date just two of us. :) we went to timesquare je. :) 
and i bought few working baju since my old office attire cant fit me! especially the boob part!! =,= tension aje tao. haih... 
and i bought one pair new shoe. just bag je tak de lg now. waiting to simpan duet nak beli. i'm aiming for the COACH. coz tahan lama and look sophisticated. since i'm working in KLCC. i have to put some standard in my appearance. i cant dressed up like nak kuwa have fun kan? hahahha!