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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Thursday, March 31, 2011

omg. high blood pressure.

yesterday i take half day. 
i went to clinic coz i got major headache!
rase macam nak pengsan je kt office. 
so amek la half day smlm. i went back around 3. erin, my fren help me bring to clinic. :) 
i went there and g la jmpe doctor kan.
then doc check2 sume tak de ape. bile check my blood pressure naik!

why like this?! im still young!
im only 22! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
then my fren erin acold me. :'(
yeah she really care about me. yela. kawan dr kecik kot. :P
i bet if she ready this mst dye kembang! hahahha!
so after that doc bg ubat for relax.
she said jgn stress sgt. kne relax. coz im still young. nnt susah.
so yesterday kuwa jap ngn greg to jusco. 
we talk about everything. 
so went home and bought ryo his new cap. :)
he so cute! hahahaha. 
he like the cap. sbb before this dye asyk pkai cap my sis je. 
so i think thats all. no mood to do anything coz mate still berat. >.<

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Ryo's blog!

ladies come follow RYo's blog! 


today i really not well. i just dont know why. i feel my whole body like shut down.
and its only 11 30! :'( 
how im goin to survive until 6 30?
so i toke half day. coz i just cant take it here.
i feel like lying down on the couch in front of me. 

too many things to think. 
since yesterday i never sleep properly. i think too much i guess.
sometimes i dont know im thinking. my mind just blank.
but im stressed out. i think about ryo, house work and etc.
but i just dont know.

these past few day i dont feel like talking to anyone. 
i mean about my problems and all.
today no one bugging me. so im cool.
maybe i got my headache sbb tak cukup tdo.
yesterday also ryo nangis2. 
haih baby mummy. why la u cry2 like that.
he want me to hug him and sleep. 
he miss me though. :) 
he always want me to carry him every time i come home. 
i bet he miss me so much though. i miss him too.! 

haiyoooo. this migraine make me angry! 
rase nak baring je skrg ni. but tu la kat office kan. :'(
feel like go home and go on the bed and sleep. 
hug ryo and sleep. :D
thats the best thing i can do right now! :) 
thats what all mother want to do.
sleep and hug ur child! :P

a letter for RYO MECCA SOLIANO

when i wrote this u at home with mak su.
mummy at work thinking of u. 
u know how much i miss u so much at work?
i dont know how to say it but i miss u and love u so much.
when im alone i always think back from the first say i had u in my womb.
me n daddy were so happy. 
 u knw im not ready at all to have u a that time. 
coz im only 19. i got married to daddy at my early age. 
i just finish my collage that time boy.

how lucky i met ur daddy. ur daddy such a wonderful person.
i went through the pregnancy with ur daddy. 
im working when i pregnant with u. 
people all say i have to stay home coz scared i fall.
but mummy gagahkan diri to go to work. :) 
in mind i work for my son. every day i rub my tummy.
i cant express the feeling my darling. 
im counting days that time when u wanna come out.
coz i cant wait to see ur beautiful face. 
daddy said i have glow when i carry u. :)

u know u very heavy when u inside me? :)
u very active baby. u always move in my tummy. 
i still remember when i want to scan u to see whether u a boy or girl, 
u kangkang ur feet. :D
can see clearly ur small birdie. :)
that time u were 7 months. 
but the first time i went to scan, cannot see coz u cover ur small birdie. :)
i still remember those days. clearly in my mind.
u know u the best thing ever happen to me and daddy?

i hope when u grow old u will be a good boy. 
i pray for ur happiness boy. no matter what u will still be my baby. 
even how big u are. u can still come to me. :)
i will always be there for u. 
no matter what u become when u grow big. i dont mind.
i still want to hug u and kiss u.
daddy always tell me dont la embarrass u when u in school next time. 
i said i dont care. :)
i just cant imagine i carry u for 9 months. and u cant wait to come out. :)
u came out 4 days early that u supposed to come out.
but im glad. no one can buy that feeling when i heard ur voice boy. 
it's like a miracle. it's like magic. 
a beautiful baby boy came out from me!

baby boy, 
u're my only baby and my love of my life. ( besides daddy )
yes i scold u and all but u know i still love u right?
im dont know to write poem or anything. 
but i can write letter. :)
mayb when im writing this u cant read. but soon u will read.

now im thinking about ur smile, ur laugh and ur smell. :)
i brought ur baju with me at work.
how silly me! they think im ok but actually im a freak.
u knw how much i love u right?
i guess u already know coz i mentioned few times already. :)
i willing to sacrifice everything for u baby. 
im willing to lost my job because of u also.
coz job can find, but u. NO.

my friend ask me once " what if anyting happen to ryo"
i answer simple, i dont want to think about it.
im so scared baby. i dont know what will happen to me if anything happen to u.
i think i can go crazy. i will end up in mental hosp. 
but that one i put aside coz i dont want to think about it.

if u ever found this i just want u to know that i never ever regret having u in my life.
no matter how young am i. no matter i have to sacrifice everything in my life.
i rather choose u then other things.
coz i know when im old u will tke care of me.
im counting on u boy. u will take care of me n daddy. :)

i will never ask for ur money or ur time.
all i ask is love me and daddy till then end of ur life.
i dont mind if u get married and move other country with ur family. 
coz its ur life though.
just keep me n daddy in ur heart for ever. :)

coz for me, i will always keep u in my heart for ever baby.


i got no mood.

these past few days i always got no mood. not sure why. but i'm in bad mood! 
the internet at the office cant use! they blocked facebook! 
and i dont know what to do. i only can on my facebook using my BB small screen! :'(

u guys suke ke if like people call u at work many times?
im just busy. even though i work as receptionist and look like im free like a bird
but still i got job to do. 
sometimes ade org dtg nk jmpe staff kan. so i cant be on the phone all the time.
call me and ask stupid questions
and ask me to do things that make me annoyed. 
why cant the just understand im at work and im bz.?
if i lost this job bcoz of them will they give me money every month?

NO right?
they only know how to complain n say things.
say this and say that. but they dont know anything.
say this say that to make me wanna throw shoe kat muke!
i freaking hate it. byk sgt tny tu ni. 
just mind ur own business la. if org byk tny bising lak. 
just annoying! bile ckp annoying mara pulak.
thats y i mind my own business. i work, i come home and sleep and go back to work.
i never disturb people so i hope people wont disturb me.

coz when i get too close to someone they will step me.
just bcoz im small and i say YES to everything doesnt mean im ok with everything.
dont think about urself je. 
now for me simple. if u wrong u wrong.
dont just bcoz i marry non muslim think im become bad.
for me common sense. i rely on that now. 
doesnt mean i shut my mouth im rude.
im staying away. i want to be alone. 
so no need to comments things. 
just shut it and live ur life with ur love one. coz for me, thats most important

i never say about anyone. just im sick and tired people pushing me around.
and now my husband is here to protect me. 
no matter what he still my husband. 
he's the one who put the food on the table for me and my son. 
so why i should listen to other people? 

mayb sape2 who know me well akn tao the real story.
coz seriously im sick and tired of everything. 
people nak complain, bg remarks, push me around and all.
do they even bother to ask?
some people just tak advantage of me. 

one thing :

the old fara u may shout at her, push her around and ask her to do anything she will say yes. 
she cry and broke into million pieces but still she can smile and say YES. 

but now NO.
i have feet to stand on my own now. tak bole nak push me around and ask me to do thing i dont want. i started to say NO to things. like my husband say. 

" u suffer, suffer alone , enjoy, enjoy alone "

coz some poeple bile kite ssh dorg lari. tak nak tolong. 
but when sng, all want to come and share. ots not that dont want to share the joy but bile mintak tolong mane lari?

tell me if im wrong but that's life.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


im just not sure what is the definitions of family.
bukan kena saling tolong menonlong?
care for each other? 
love each other? or berkira with each other? 
im not so sure which one. coz i wondering kenape with own family nak berkira?
it happen to one of my close fren. i really pity her. 
she got 3 brothers. she's the only girl. her parents always berkira ngn dye.
well i cant tell the whole story right? 

summary, parents pon bole berkira ngn anak sendiri psl duet.
and brothers pon same. 
i dont know why. is the money goin to help u in the after life?
is the money gonna help u when u die?
for me family is important. but if family da asyk berkira no point kan?
parents cm lepas tangungjawab kat anak and brothers berkira ngn adik.
so is it her fault if she stand on her own feet and start to say NO to them?

my husband tell me one thing.
" no matter u're family or not, if u wrong means u wrong"
mayb its a bit harsh but come to think of it its true.
until when bile dorg buat salah we want to keep quiet?
let them pijak our head? yes we have to RESPECT them but they also kne tao yg we ade perasaan.
doesnt mean we small they can push us aside. 
i never say have to be RUDE. never ever RUDE TO UR PARENTS.
but in some cases u have too.

in future if i do wrong and ryo tell straight to my face i just accept it. 
coz ryo trying to tell me whats wrong and whats not.
but i dont know la. some people different. 
for me is like that. but if other people nak complain so much, try to be in my shoe or my frens shoe. 
thats y i hate about some people. they only know how to complain but dont know the real story.
biase la org tua2 slalu ckp " mulut tempayan bole tutup but mulut org tak bole"
btol la tu. coz people cant shut their mouth. 

and one more thing my husband always to tell me.
" bile ssh sume org lari, bile sng nak enjoy same2 "
is it true? for me it is! bile kite ssh tak de spe nak tolong.
but bile we sng sume cibuk dtg nak enjoy with us. bkn nk berkira but tu la.
mayb some people who really know me akn tao why i say like this. 
i wont say things simply2.
and some people say if tak mampu nak handle why get married so early?
if i never get married, i wouldnt have ryo and i dont know the suffer i have been though.
i will never know how hard life is. i will never know how hard to be a mother and being a wife.
all this make me matured and open my eyes.

i really thankful to my husband coz open my eyes. last time i always let people push me around
but now NO. i now start to say NO. but when ever i say NO, people seem tak bole terima. hurm.
then too bad la. :) 

man vs woman?

- can u bleed for one week and survive?

-can u squeeze a 14 inch baby from a 10cm hole?

- can u carry a 7 pound baby in your stomach for 9 months?

- can u take care of a child, cook , clean AND talk on the phone @ one time?

- can u carry a 108 lb shopping bag?

- can u go one week only eating salad?

- can u face heartbreak?

- can u watch love of your life be with someone else?

- can u burn your forehead with a curling iron and not complain?

- can u walk all day in 5 inch heels?

- can u cry all night then wake up the next morning like everything is okay?

:) ladies, please pass this on! :)

update baby ryo. :)

as u all know ryo now is 1 year 7 months. :) 
he got 13 teeth. :) 
at work everytime mst teringat kat dye. 
ye la. im so close to him. since born until he 1 year plus tak penah berengang. 
he always be with me. then now da almost 3 months im working. he stop breast feed already.
and he started drinking normal milk.
but still he ngade2 like always. when im home he always nak carry all the time.
but what to do. he miss me. :)
now he da pandai kiss, hug and ikot ape kite buat. 
but one thing he so fierce! 
just like his daddy. -,-
but he so caring. like yesterday greg rubbing his tummy coz perut tak selesa,
then he took minyak telon ( minyak yg i always rub on ryo's tummy bile sakit perot) 
and rub in greg's tummy. :) 

how sweet is that? see, he is smart my son. 
mmg tak rugi ppon breast feed him until 1 year plus. :) 
n now he is so smart.!
im so proud of my son!

or slalu tny when gonna have another one? 

i was like errrm.. mayb another 2 years. i want ryo to get all the attention i can give him
lgpon he still small. im still young. so nevermind. no need to push. :)
let ryo go to school all first kan. bru la ade lg sorg. :)
if no sian dye. kecik2 ade adik nnt tak puas nk manje with mummy n daddy.
da la ryo ni manje type. if kne marah trus nak carry.
my baby boy. :)

ryo is one active baby. he like to play now. slalu la mak su dye kena buli ngn dye. 
and slalu je ajk main ngn mak su dye tu. abes la mak su dye pnt. 
if tak nak dye marah. -,-

ryo also one cute baby. i like when he smile. 
make my heart berbunga2. :)
sape tak rse cm tu? if tgk anak sendiri mst hati berbunga2 kan? 
all mothers is like that. :P

i think i say enuff about ryo.
well, here is ryo's picture. my one and only prince.
i just love him so much.
without him i dont know la. my life and my husbands like wont be like this now. :)
we happily married and one happy family.

ryo and his daddy. :) 

he do his art on the floor. >.<

see the way he sleep. :)

this smile make my heart melt. :)

his new chair!

sleep while eating. 

how to scold this face?

enjoy ladies. :) 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

shopaholic ladies.

yes. i am shopaholic. :D just that small shopaholic. :)

me and my few friends came up with one idea. we make one group to sell out all our stuff. :) 

it called shopaholic ladies.

do visit our page. :) 

my ladies. :)