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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


nothing much can say about this!
u have to see for urself! 

i got nothing much to say!
i admit i'm a shoe-holic! 

there's more!!!

Vintage Now

as u guys know i have my own business. 
not so big but yeah. ade la cukup utk makan. :) 
buat belanje beli make up and all.
now sale agak teruk. coz nak raya nnt. org da cibuk buat baju raya now. 
so saje nak buang mase sementara tggu mase balik ni update blog. :)
but ni ade gmbr my page. :)

so if spe2 nak supplier baju pon bole amek from me. :) 
i wont bite. 
can add me here for my biz :

or view my page :

Monday, May 30, 2011

mummy and ryo. :)

as u all know im very close to ryo.
mase mule2 kerja tu always gak rindu kt dye.
rse macam tak nak kerje je.
smpai bwk baju dye g keje. hehehehhehe.
so everytime balik keje slalu gak amek gmbr ngn dye.
since now he can talk a bit slalu gak call dye ckp ngn dye.
so ni ade few gmbr me and my baby boy. :)

this is my fa pictures among all. :)

he ate the choc!

my hair still long. :(

do u think we have the same smile? :D
 so how can u not miss this baby boy? 

me and hubby

actually i just miss my time with greg. 
when we both single. tgk wayang like almost everyday.
i think i never mention where i met greg. :)

well, we met 3 years back. in 2007 i think. coz that time i just finish my collage.
but not really finish. i drop out. coz technical problems. :)
so that time my dad ask me to find job if i want to go to fashion school. 
so ok la. me and my friend bugs go for job hunting.
kat area pavillion and KLCC.
so da penat job hunting kt Pavillion we walk to KLCC. so as u guys know jalan from Convention Center kene lalu Tower Records ( now Maybank ) 

 ni la gmbr tower records last time. :)

here la we met actually. for the first time. some people jumpe partner mayb online or some where.
but me and greg jumpe kat kedai CD. :) 
it's not that romantic. 
what i love about greg is he never ask for my num or ask me if i have bf or not.
i was surprise he ask me about my family. 
he ask about my mom, my dad, my study and that type of thing.
so he already caught my attention there.
sbb yela. mane ade a guy yg ask me about my family?
coz that time i was 17 i think. or i was 18? i cant remember.
so for me he like family guy pny type. so ok la.
we talk and all so tbe2 i tergerak ati nak tny if he got gf.
and he say YES! and i was like SHIT la! hahahahhah!
tak sedar diri time tu ade bf gak kan? hahha!

so ok la. after 20days know each other he actually propose me to be his gf. :)
he gave me one keychain. bentuk love in a cage. but the love is black.
i ask him " why the love is black? "
he said sbb ex gf dye da buat his heart like that so he gave it to me his heart. 
sgt sweet! my face was blushing that time. 
but u never know how much i went through just to be with him ok!!
ade je girls dtg nak ngorat dye and all.
dalam ati rase nak hempuk je all the girls ngn almari kt tower last time. 
but muke cover cun ok? smile all the time. :) 
hahahhah! sbb greg was there. last time sanggup keje full jsut to be with greg.
ni la geng tower. :) 

atas ni gambar geng tower last time. we like family. 
bile keje gelak2, main kejar2, mkn2 and all.
miss the environment.

so here some few picture me and greg. 

so what else some more to say?
we still married and have one son. :)

happily married now.
for 3 years.

siape sangka jumpe kat tower records bole tahan sampai skrg.
im happy and glad i met him.

i love u baby.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Off day.

so today is my off day. :)
so me and greg plan to bring ryo out actually. but mcm panas giler today.
so ryo pon bgn tdo kul 2.30 je.
sbb bgn pg sgt. tak tao kenape he like crying je. 

so we decide bwk dye go kt playground kt bwh.
while greg went to the shop buy some food i took some ryo's pictures. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


since small i love art.
tak kisah la drawing or color or anything la. 
i still remember i always ask my mom to draw princess baju for me. 
and she's good at it!
she's like a superwoman.
coz she can do anything. God how much i miss her. :(
so back to the story. i just love art.
so when in the office i cant on FB so i found this one website.
it's like and art website where u can design ur items. 
it's like in the magazine u always see..
so bile Fb tak de layan je la that website until now. 
banyak juga art da siap kan. hehehh

so here few designs i made. :) 

i just love this. its cool is it?

one of my fav!

my fav things! 
pastel color.

so what do u think? im not that good but i got ideas. :) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

independant woman

yes. i want to talk about this matter. 
because i know someone who really "mengada". and i dont like them.
it's not that im saying im very good but still.
ok. the story is like this actually.
i just want to ask u guys la.. if u have a bf korg really ask him to buy this n that for u?
example like HP, laptop, make up, baju etc. 
ok la fine if they buy for u all that but dont u realize they want smthng in return?
faham2 aje la kan ape bnde. i wont say here.
but i have few friends that like this.
yes they all very pretty and hot. so any guys pon they can get. 
but then u expect the bf buy things for u. 

so nak dijadikan cerita i knw this one person.
she staying with her bf though. but got kids. 
but just like unfair when the guy have to tanggung all the expenses of the girl.
that one bru gf aje. so for me what's the motif?
and the girl always buat perangai n ngade2.
when the guy wanna see his kids tak bole. she will merajuk and all.
oh! and the girl also have kids. :) 

so u get the picture here? 
everything harap that guy pay. so how?
if like for me i wont ask my husband money or smthng.
i earn my own money to buy my things.
yes my husband did give me money but that's his responsible though. :) 
but i wont ask. i earn on my own. i dont care if have to work extra and sacrifice my time with my son at home but i make sure i earn my own money to buy my things. 
that is one of the reason i want to work.
it's hard to leave my son at home though.

y is it some girls like to go for rich man?
is it love or love for the money?
mayb some people wont like my post about this but i'm just curious. 
why can just go for the hard life a bit and earn money for urself?
why have to go for the easy way?
say la now ur bf pay for u for everything now. then bile break up what's gonna happen to u?
u're jobless with no savings, no nothing. 
who gonna give u money and pay ur bills?
havent u think about that?
and mayb some girls smart. they ask the bf to buy her house under her name. 
well we can say that a smart girl. :) 
or mayb when the guy give u money u dont shop buy all the expensive thing!
u put in ur savings. so when they guy leave u at least u have smthng right? :)
so sont be stupid la. be smart a bit. 

so if sape2 yg terase im so sorry la.
just want to say my thought out load. sorry if ade yg tak suke ye. :) 

make up collection

i'm not sure since when i being a make up addict. :D
but i have few friends yg make up addict jugak.. 
ni fb dorg.

Bethany kals  ( oh she's good! )

this 3 girls is my girls yg slalu talk about make up. :) 
well ape lg girls nak ckp besides make up and boys. hehehhe
but all of us is married. we marry young. 

can u imagine all of us is married? hehehehhehe. but actually i want to tell u about my make up collection.. 

some of my make up.. :D

for photoshoot or something.

my eyeliner collection. but still cannot find perfect eyeliner!
 so guys, here some of the make up i have. but still i cant find perfect eyeliner.
but i found perfect foundation!
i currently using REVLON PHOTOSHOOT READY ( i guess the name la )
it's perfect! make ur skin look flawless in natural way.
sbb some foundation buat nmpk muke cm opera cina kan.
but not this. and can use the compact powder also.

so here some product i use. :)

i use the shade medium beige.

so ladies, only this product i've been using all this while. :) 

my angel.

my baby mecca :) 

my one and only baby mecca. 
i love u baby. :)

who can say NO to this face?

so big now. clever to play his car. :)

i always miss this face. :)

with his grandma. :)

ryo mecca soliano always light up my day.
yes sometimes he can be so naughty but he make me laugh.
how i miss to hug him to sleep. :)
he might grow and have his own family but he will still be my baby.

forever u will be still my baby boy. :)