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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Thursday, June 30, 2011

miss mummy.

tibe2 rase mcm rindu my mom. :( 
sometimes kan bile sorg2 kt office teringat kat dye. yela i'm close to my mom.
ngn sape lg kan nk rapat? well, as u all knw how my life story is. my mom passed away 5 years ago.
oh my, it's been 5 years. how time flies so fast.
and now, my marriage nak masok 3 years.
and my baby boy nak masok 2 years old. :) 

tak sangka mase berlalu cepat sgt. it's been 5 years.
whenever i miss my mom i always look at ryo.
thinking how my mom jage we all last time. how she handle when we sick, bad mood, fussy and all.
balik keje have to tgk anak, masak, kemas2 uma.
for me now smpai tertido kt office coz so tired. 
yela, ryo demam, and tak selesa malam2. dye terjage. have to bgn layan dye sekejap.
but greg yg jage most of the time coz im working the next morning. but still i cant sleep coz ryo is crying. rase2 mak dulu lalui ke semua tu? but i wonder if my dad do the same thing?
coz yeah, i'm here sbb dye gak. he wont pay for my study and ask me to go and work. so i keje and met my husband. so we got married. 

but bile pk2 balik why my family dont like my husband? sbb dye convert? sbb dye tak nak jmpe my family? mcm mane dye nk jmpe? when i told my family that im getting married semua ingt im pregnant. COME ON!! just bcoz im young isn't it? and my husband not MUSLIM! 
semua nak complain. and ask greg to see them sbb nk ckp. nk ckp ape? nk sound him sbb take care of me? sometimes i dont understand. why they have to do that? 
if my mom still alive she wont do that. i know she will talk to me and greg but dye akn ckp elok2. i knw my husband. come on la. if like u, ur partner pny family ckp nk jmpe then bile jmpe tny mcm2 and komen about ur religion and give comment like " oh why nak kawin ngn dye? nk tarik dye masok christian ke?" u think u wanna go and see the family?
ape hina sgt ke org bukan melayu ni? at least my husband took me in when im all alone. when my heart crush coz i cant further my studies. when im all alone face the outside world. im saying this bukan nak burukkan my family but its the fact. but they said dorg tak kesah but i knw them. when im with my husband family i feel very welcome. they respect me as muslim. they treat me well. but y my family cannot do the same? if my mom still alive she will make sure my husband feel welcome. thats y i miss her so much. and like now i have a son. she will take care of my son. dye tak kesah if duk uma n do nothing. sbb it will be her grandson. 

i still remember when the last night me n her in the hospital, she told me " just do what ever u want to do. if u like fashion go for it. dont stop." and i wont stop. yes now im not doing my fashion thing but i will keep going there. i will make sure im someone in fashion line. if my family tak nak tolong tak pe. i will help myself. my husband is there for me. :) 

but i miss mom. :')

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


well, kids now days. oh wrong! TEENAGER now days.
macam2 la dorg skrg ni. 
ade yg ok ade yg tak. ade yg mengade ade yg baik.
so ape komen?
coz i always see all these teenager kt KLCC. 
maklom la kan KLCC ni tmpt org lepak. dog suke sgt lepak kt taman kt luwa klcc tu kan.
so byk la budak2 lepak kt taman tu. that day simply la duduk kt ctu sorg2 time lunch.
time tu pulak tgh cuti skola. so semestinya ramai org.
i just sat there alone with my bubbletea. :D
tgk budak2 skola tgh lepak2, dating sume. 
byk je budak2 skola ni dating. im not sure la how old are they. but they look so young.
mcm 13-17 year old. but pakaian mak aiiii.. kalahkan kite org yg da bekerja ni.
it's not that i want to condemn dorg but ntah la. 
i knw i use to be like them once but ntah la. i married so young so mayb my mentality lain kot.
mayb sth org still want to have fun lg. but until when also kan?
and about the teenager tu sume still young. peluk, kiss kt public. 
well, its not nice though. mmg all of us penah buat sume tu but this one budak umo 13 tahun?

no comment la kan? :)
up to them as long as they happy with their on life. :)
all of us deserve a good life.

i'm still not over it!

yes people! im still not over that i sold my Blackberry!
i miss my Blackberry! :'(
well i cant do anything though. nak buat mcm mane. i have to.
but now i nekad nk kumpul duet nak beli bru.
with my own money! coz i need a Blackberry so much!
coz since i run a business it's easy for me to check my mail or my fb.
sometimes ye la kt uma tak sempat nk check since sume org kt uma tu nk gune the laptop kan.
haih. so what to do. :(

Friday, June 10, 2011


At last its friday! :D

Date day with hubby! :) <3
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When I update this blog I'm in the tren otw home. Just finish work. And lepak dgn my office mate. Byk juga cerita we talk about. Well, about people most of it. And mat saleh yg keje with our company. :)

Mcm tak hot pulak kan sume mat saleh kt our company. Hehe well u should see them! Hot ok? :D
But well I'm married. But ade gak la few people cm tego2.. Flirt2. :)

Long day today. No mood also today. But still I manage to smile. :)

In my mind now is my bed, ryo n my husband.

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Wordless Wednesday 1#

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ryo's nail.

Here is ryo's nail. I just cannot look! :(
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It's better to have FEW true friends then lot of FAKE friends.
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My baby boy

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Ryo's nail. :(

that day my sister told me that ryo's finger tersepit kat sliding door. 
so when i come home cepat2 la tgk jari dye. panic juga. 
coz come on. his finger like so tiny! i cant imagine anything happen to his finger! 
so when i get back i take a look bengkak juga. so sapu la minyak. 
so pegang la jari dye tgk he ok je.
tak nangis or anything.
so ok la kan. after few days his finger mcm ade nanah inside.
so i burst nanah tu supaya tak bengkak lg.
sbb takot bile bengkak jari dye sakit kan.
so after that letak cream supaye cpt kering tgn dye tu.
so i thought ok la. sbb i always check on his hand. tgk cm tak de ape. 

ni tgh dye kena plaster. 
but he so cute. everytime cm sakit or ngntok he will say " MOM "
then he give his finger to me for me to kiss. :) 
how sweet is that my boy? hehehhe

but then nak jadikan cerita smlm mase tgh baring2 ngn greg and all dlm bilik
ryo g garu2 his leg and hand.
then bunyi dye garu tu lik lain mcm. so i scold greg coz i thought its him.
coz this two father and son suke sgt garu sane garu sini.
then i take his hand and feel his fingernail coming out!! 
yes its like really coming out!

i'm panic already. kelam kabut nak g cari plaster. 
yela. his finger the whole nail coming out! eeeeeeeeee..
i cannot imagine la! 
i feel pain for him. but tgk dye cm relax je. -,-
mummy dye lak yg panic cm ape je. 
smpai greg marah ask to stop.
for me if ryo got small cut n kuwa darah pon mcm nak nangis je.
ni ape lg if the fingernail coming out!!! :'(

so i just put the plaster to hold the nail. 
greg said it will come out by it self. but i dont know if it feel pain or not for him.
but hope xde ape la. 
p/s : i miss my baby boy. :( 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011