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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Friday, July 29, 2011

ni contoh eyeliner yg i da buat. but ni theme Arab. 
bole ikot ni jugak utk reference. but nnt i akn upload step by step. sbb amik mase nak buat. :) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Basic Make Up ( khas buat kawan ku Illi. :D )

ok. this entry utk my fren, ili . yang nak sgt i do my make up tutorial. but no time to do video. so buat je la blog entry for her. :) 

so nak make up basic sng je. first, kne cari moisturizer or primer yg sesuai. coz for me, im using primer from SEPHORA. :) ( ape lg kan? ) lgpon i always use make up everyday and nak last long. so apply primer all over ur face especially T zone and kawasan yg berminyak. 

ok tu da siap. then foundation. foundation pon penting gak. kne cari yg sesuai ngn kulit, if too cerah nmpk cm badut, too gelap nmpk cm berbelak. so u guys have to find perfect skin tone foundation. disarankan apply foundation whole face gune span. JGN GUNE TGN. sbb nnt tak rata. tu for me la. other people tak tao. :) apply kt tmpt yg T zone jugak. like for me, im using REVLON photoready foundation. sbb foundation tu cover whole face and make ur face look smooth. bu mahal cikit la. but berbaloi. :) but its up to u also.

then we have compact powder. ni pon penting gak. yela, if da ptg2 kan nak touch up. so gune bedak je. ni pon penting kne same ngn skin tone. lain org lain taste. for me, i prefer natural tan. tak suke cerah sgt n gelap sgt. so nmpk mcm natural je. i learn from SEPHORA, nk bg lg rata apply bedak gune brush. lg effect dye best. but i dont like it. i still prefer span yg sedia ade dlm compact powder tu. and FYI im using photoready compact powder from REVLON. :) coz mmg best giler. ni pon a bit pricy but worth it la. so cube la try. :) 

after da siap muka sume. bole buat mate pulak. for me, i start from my eyebrow then my eyeliner. if u da bentuk kening, just alter ngn brown pencil liner. jgn gune black sbb nnt nmpk garang. so gune brown je. :) then move to eyeliner. eyeliner ni ssh cikit. sbb ikot mate. like for me, it take me 1/2 hour to do my eyeliner. coz i want it to be perfect. i always use liquid eyeliner. tips for eyeliner is u can draw the line gune pencil line dulu. but, from inside corner of ur eyes tu bg halus je garisan dye. bile smpai ujung mate naik kan cikit. then if da puas hati ngn lukis tu bru amek liquid eyeliner draw btol2. kira mcm pencil liner tu mcm guide la. then u alter a bit la with the liquid eyeliner. now just bg simple je. nnt i amek gmbr ok? :) 

so da habis ngn eyeliner, bole apply mascara. mascara simple je. any mascara will do. then can apply blusher. remember, blusher jgn gune color pink ok? if nk natural gune color brown if can. :) thats just my suggestion je la. but up to u. :) so i think smpai cni dulu. will buat video or amek gmbr if sempat ok? :) 

p/s : illi, ni khas utk ko! :D  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

baby and me.

bad day again?

oh god! 
is it me or im having a bad week this week? :'( 
like everything i do is not right. 
tak tau la kenape. since last Friday mcm2 jd. i had a fight with my dad, my sister also. and this week really add the stress to my brain! 
sometimes bile kat office tu i wonder mat saleh yg keje kt KLCC ni bpe puluh ribu gak gaji dorg. sometimes tgk all the secretary tu bole shopping kt sephora la, isetan la , kt parkson la time lunch. best je. like for us ( receptionist ) kite tgk je la ye. nk g shopping mmg tak dapat la. sometimes i wonder how does it feel be like that? well, i admit i never had easy ife but im glad i have people who love me around me. :) 

tak semestinya bole shopping kt KLCC ni dorg happy. but tao2 je la kan, naluri org perempuan ni ade 9. mcm2 nak. nak handbag, nk perfume, make up la. every month mst nak baju baru kan. ehehhehe. but tu la. if tak mampu tak pe. kite beli je ape yg mampu kan. 
but tu la kan. dorg yg keje kt KLCC ni bayangkan la almost everyday go shopping. haih... 

but tak pe la. because of all this make me more stronger nak keje kuat to achieve what i want. i'm lucky to have greg as a husband. he always support me in anything i want to do. but well, he knows better coz he like more experience then me kan. so yeah. well im still young! not that im 30+ ke bagai. im only 22 ( september ) :) 
i still got a long way to go though. mcm org ckp " malam masih muda ". :D 

well deep inside my heart i still want to be fashion designer. but if fashion designer bukan rezeki tak pe la. nak buat mcm mane. mayb my place is not there. i belong in some where else. coz now i have to think about my family. not only my self. coz i have ryo. and mayb coming soon another one who knows kan? :) 
if da rezeki, ade la. if tak de xpe. we just have to kerja keras to get there. 
so basically thats all la. nothing much dah. but will update soon. 

( macam ade je yg bace. -,- ) 

Monday, July 18, 2011


as u all know, im in love with fashion! 
since small i really love fashion. still remember yang my mom used to draw me princess pny dress. :) 
and until now, i'm still in love with designs, fashion, etc.
everything yg berkaitan with fashion. :D
tak kira la make up, baju, shoes, bags or whatever.
when i was 18 i went to fashion college yg tak berapa famous that time. it's private college but not that famous. but they all always do fashion show kt that time. so nak pendek kan cerita, i had my first fashion show. but too bad, because of some people, i cant be there. and where am i? u guess it! in the freaking hospital for 5 days!!! sape2 yg know me will know why im in the hospital. heheheh

so ok la. tu da lepas. so my fashion design study just fly away like that. it's too expensive for me to continue. well, lgpon mcm mane nak cari mkn with that only. i need fix income for my family though. :) tak pe lah. i can sacrifice my passion. who know there's something better will come for me in future kan? so just be patient la. now in my mind thinking want to take diploma in HR or Secretary. so i can earn better. i dont want to be Receptionist until i grow old like some people. i want better things in my life. i need to work hard for my son and my family though. coz thats all i have now. nothing else. :) 

but deep inside me i still have the passion for fashion. i still do my designs and still want to go there. my dream always wanna be famous fashion designer like Versace , Tom Ford , Dolce & Gabana , Raplh Lauren, Vera Wang , Bernard Chandran , Jummy Choo and etc. well sape tak nak jadi famous kan? since in school i always be the one yg kene singkir ke tepi. what i meant is im the weird one. in school my frens dont like me because im too load they said? im not sure. but i think only my close frens know that. in college im not rich so my principal push me aside. but i dont care. i still want to learn fashion. but too bad, i cant. 
so from now on i just do on my own. look at all my friends doing well in fashion line. some in paris, some in london, and some still here doin fashion shows. well, mmg actually that i want. but i cant afford. so just look at them and be happy for them :) my time will come one day eventually. InsyAllah. 

just pray for me. well my design not that good. what do u expect? im not event finish my diploma! my father ask me to stop. it really hurt me the most beside my mom passed away. but tak pe la. i have my husband and my son to cure all my pain. actually i wanna show u some of my designs. so i hope u like it :) 

fallen angel


few face


get off my page

i love u

miss u

so here some of my design. it's not perfect but yeah. :) 
hope u like it! 

i take order for all this t-shirt. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011


well. i am sad. sbb ryo pny bday next month.
he goin to be 2 years old da. besar dah anak mummy. :) 
well he very smart now. and grow so fast. but still ckp mumbling. -,- xtao ap yg dye ckp. but he's cute. yela, mak mane tak nak ckp anak dye comel kan? 
but back to the story la. i'm sad sbb next month ryo's bday. and i dont have any plans for him.
i wanna make his bday special but i dont know. 
i see my frens on fb plan mcm2 utk anak dorg pny bday. but for me, mayb just small cake for us. 
tak de kot nk buat party for him. :) 
we just do ape yg mampu. da lame juga never buy clothes for ryo. pity him. xpe la. raye ni bole shopping for him. :) 
well, i will give him ape yg mampu. coz i dont wanna spoil him. sbb if we give him everything now, nnt if in future we have problems how? if mmg pasti u can be on top smpai bile2 tak pe. but like for me, i dont want to take the risk. i wanna teach my son how hard life is.

coz i live in very wealthy lifestyle last time. coz my mom make sure we have everything. but then we become spoil. and some of us become very rude. so i don't want that. i want my son well brought up. well i mayb cannot be like my mom but i will make sure i work my ass out for my son. me n greg will do anything for him. sometimes mmg rase nak menangis thinking about the condition but i have to stay strong. well at least for ryo and the family.

we're not that rich though. but we happy. yes mak mane tak nak tgk anak dye pkai lawa2.? which parents dont want that? all parents want the best for their children. yes i love ryo so much. having ryo make me strong. yes i lack in some part but i do learn smthng. but mayb some people never learn. they still think they so smart though. but tak pe la. nak buat mcm mane kan. i just live my life. and they live theirs. 

but tu la. im just sad i cant give to ryo. but tak pe la. things will change. who knows this time not my time. mayb next year is my year? just wish me luck people. :) 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


oh my! I'm drooling just look at the picture! :)
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some people

some people just annoying.
well i admit sometimes i NEVER say SORRY. 
but the most annoy thing people do to me is call me and my husband "babi".
u tell me what kind of person is that? 
well if u tell me is RUDE. but people call me rude. 
i just don understand what the word RUDE means is anymore. 
coz for me, RESPECT is something that u earn. just like my husband say.
but mayb banyak org ingat that my husband teach me to be like this. but actually not. i change to be like this coz he open my eyes. my mom passed away when i was 17. no one guide me. i was left alone in my own world. well, i found greg. nasib baik dye ade. if not, i dont know what goin to happen to me. but people never understand. they think they so smart sometimes. 
they only know how to complain an complain and complain. they never help me when im in a deep shit. coz they to busy with their own shit. 

but tu la. i just dont understand why people like to complain about how i run my life? is it bothering them how i run my life? i never complain anything about their life. if they want to buy this buy that and act got lot of money but no money also. like for me, if i have no money i akn berpade2 la. i knw i cannot afford to buy expensive things. i knw my place. i wont use designer bag just to show that "oh! im rich!" i wont do that. yes deep in my heart i want to buy things for myself and for my family. i want to stay a nice house with perfect kitchen. i wanna have all that but i knw i cannot afford it. so nevermind. i just use what i have now. but tu pon org nak complain about me? im one person will never disturb people. i will do my own thing and just do my own thing. but people will come to me and asking me this and ask me that. bile i dont answer say i rude. haihhh.. 

it's tiring when people keep complaining about how i handle my life and my family. please la just stay away. now i just want to live my life according what we mampu. im not like u. i am me. 
i have a husband who want privacy. and my sister who take care of my son. and i will help her to do whatever she want. so please. just stay away. coz its effecting my life. if u cannot handle me being like this, up to u. i dont give a damn. coz im comfortable with my way like this. coz u always think u right. but sometimes we make mistakes. i admit i make mistakes as well. 
so just stay away.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I miss my mom so much.
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