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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Thursday, September 29, 2011


like it simple and nice. well, i always like it like this. in everything. my house, my life, my fashion. in everything can say. :) well, to those my friend who know me tao la mcm mane. but actually nak ckp psl simple ni. but tibe2 mcm nak tuka topik pulak. it's about my son! hehehe. he is one boy yg suke TIDO sambil MAKAN. hahahh! bile tgh mkn dye bole tdo just like that. tak tao dr mane dye dpt la kan. hahahha! ni gmbr dye. :D 

u see how cute he is! sleep on the table! hahahahha he is damn cute la! bukan sbb he's my son je but he is cute! kan?! hahahha! ok back to the simple thing. u know i see some people yg tak penah nk simple. always want what other people ade. contoh, org pkai BB, dye pon nak ikot. org beli IPAD, dye pon nak ikot. haiyoooo.. cm tu pon bole ke? -,- 

 so ni da tak de mood nk type.. so sape terase faham2 je la ye. jgn nk poyo sgt. buat ape yg mampu je.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


if nak ckp psl HOLE, mcm2 ade. but one thing i wanna say about HOLE is u really and ARSEHOLE. well one more thing, when u see someone in a hole, u should help them. NOT COVER THAT BLOODY HOLE! i freaking hate people like this! selfish people! da tao kite tgh susah lg mao take from us. kite da tolong byk but still tak sedar diri lg! if nk ckp psl ni, mmg smpai besok pg pon tak abis. so better i shut the F**K up then bia ape dye nk buat with their life.!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blackberry Bold 9900

nothing much can i say! i think im in love with this phone!