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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My baby new toy !

So here is ryo's new soft toys. For your info, ryo love soft toys ! He have one cat, patrick from spongebob etc. Tak ingt dah ape dye ade. Me and my husband suke belikan dye soft toys. He will hug the toys and kiss the toys. So cute to see la..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ok now I'm addicted to Blog and Twitter. Facebook is getting bored but that keep my business running. Well, without my business I got no income ! ;)

Nothing to say today coz nothing fun happen today. Normal day at work and normal day at home. A bit tired but when I see ryo's face, I feel so happy ! ;)
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I didn't knw that lunch is so hard to decide when u work in the tallest building ! -.-
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My work place ;)

I face this every day. But at least I have Ryo's picture there. :)

I miss that boy everyday !

Music Blood

See, ryo know how to use headphone ! Konon dlm studio la. Padahal tgk movie dlm kerete. Hahahah !
He got that from Greg though. ;)

Ryo's cheeky face

Yes ryo known as cute little boy who like to do cheeky face ! Who can resist that face?!

Even me cannot resist that face ! Want to scold also cannot.. Adehhh.. -.-

Drama Ryo +.+

So this one story.. On sat last week, me and my husband talking about another baby. Well, ryo is 3 years old this year. So we just talk about if we have a baby girl how will she will look like and all. Ryo was there as well. So nk jadikan cerita, we went out for a while to go to buy some things. Then after come home ryo xnak lepas from me. When I walk away he cry.

Like he want to berkepit only. Then we scold him coz cry for NO reason. Then after shower him and all ask him to lie down in front of the TV with his blanket and all. Suddenly I feel his body panas mcm demam. Of coz I'm worried ! Belom gaji lg =.=

So nk jdkan cerita, we give him ubat and evrything then Greg say " u perasan tak everytime we talk about having another child ryo buat perangai? " I was like " Oh Ya lah ! He always do that " so the moral of the story he's not ready to have baby sister or baby brother. Terus deman OK bile ckp nk ade lg sorg ! And when I ask ryo " Ryo want another baby? " He make bodoh only. -.-

So drama my son ! Haih...

P/ S : this picture mse badan tgh panas.

My lilttle rockstar !

Well, I think he follow hi daddy footstep. He love music ! He such an entertainer. We bought this small guitar for him.
P/S : he like Coldplay !

Everytime Coldplay song is on he will take his guitar and start playing with it. Hahah ! He so damn cute la ! ;)