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Farasoliano's Story

Farasoliano's Story

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Its always dark before sunrise

This year, so many things happen. Sometimes tak larat nak face it. Rase mcm nk give up everything and just shut down. But i cant. I have to move on. Life must go on. Ryo need me. Greg need me. I have to be strong no matter what happen. Kadang2 just lay down on the bed and looking at the fan moving is the best thing to do. But all this thoughts and problem never fail coming for me. Yes thoughts and problems, i will deal with u. 

I know im not rich. Im not famous that when ever i post something or try to sell something people will comment and buy. I dont have friends that will support my biz. Im not complaining but its okay. It make me work extra hard to earn. Jangan mengharap kawan nk support our biz. But i will always support my friends biz. I know how hard life is right now. 

I just wish i won lottery or something. Just to settle all my hutang and just be free. Penat actually. But well im not rich. I have to work hard and settle all the things i need to settle. Everyday thinking how to make money to settle all. But in order to make money u must spend money. But with what money? >.< ahhhhh. Too stressed to think about it. 

Macam2 in my mind that i want to let it out. But i just dont know how to. No one will ever come across my blog anyway. To share thoughts and opinion. I dont know if talking to myself is a good idea or not? HAHAH ! 

My mom, my husband and my God ma always say that its always dark before sunrise. 

Yes it is. Maybe now is my time to struggle and slog to earn. Maybe in few months or years my time to earn okay for my family will come. Who knows i can think of something and it will become big. Who knows? Just target in my mind to make more money to survive. And to be free from hutang. Tried few things now but still slow. Well fara, just be patient. Your time will come. Dont worry. Every one have their time. Maybe now its not your time but it will come one day. Just be patient. :)